How to Get Your Home Ready for Professional Photographers

How to Get Your Home Ready for Professional Photographers

  • Christina Linezo
  • 12/12/22

The time has come to sell your home! It is indeed a bittersweet feeling. Before you sell or post your listing, you will need to take professional photos of your real estate. The marketing of your home will dramatically impact the first impression of the buyer and their final decision to buy.
Taking pictures of your house sounds easy, but it is harder than it looks. Hiring a professional photographer will pay off in the long run when you see how beautifully the photos turn out. When the real estate photographer shows up, they will want to highlight the very best features of your home. They expect the rest to be taken care of. You will need to do additional prep work to ensure your house is photo-ready and welcoming to get the maximum profit from your sale!

Clean everything

For the best results in real estate photography, all areas of the home must be cleaned thoroughly. You will want to remove any fingerprints, dust, or visible dirt. Some of the most missed areas are bookshelves and cabinets. It is best to tackle each individual area at a time. For instance, you don’t want to jump from cleaning the kitchen to the bathroom when there is unfinished work in one. You don’t have to complete this all in a time crunch; you can spend a week or two cleaning your house and schedule the photographer to come after that. By spending enough time in each room, you can ensure they are thoroughly cleaned to the best of your ability. Some commonly missed items include electrical cords or cables, bed wrinkles, and leaving soaps out. The fewer items left behind, the better.

Maximize the light

Let in all the light! There is a reason that homebuyers love windows; they provide a natural glow to your home. For home photography, this means indoor lighting and natural light. Prior to the real estate photographer coming in, make sure that all the lightbulbs in your house work properly. You should also raise all window shades and blinds to ensure that the maximum amount of sunlight is coming into your home. Make sure your windows are all cohesive, meaning one isn’t more open than the other. Your real estate photographer can make any additional changes once they come in to photograph your Walnut Creek real estate, but you can help out too!


The secret behind excellent real estate photography is that less is more! A clean and open space will make your home look larger. Too many decorative items can make your space look cluttered. If you are having trouble figuring out what to do with your furniture and living spaces, consider hiring a professional.
Professional staging is available to you if you need it. People who offer these services are keen on knowing exactly how to lay out your space or even bring in new items that look better. They can walk around your house and give you their opinions on what could be improved. They will help you stage your home to impress even the most critical buyers. Regardless of your decision, you want to declutter as much as possible to make your home stand out!

Don’t forget about outside

Amidst all the Walnut Creek homes for sale, you want yours to stand out the most. One of the best ways to do that is to highlight the exterior portion of your house, which your photographer will surely do. Having outdoor space is a great selling feature! However, making your outdoor area look its best is another story. Here are some ways to prepare for outdoor photography:
  • Park your car(s) away from your house or inside the garage
  • Sweep or hose down the driveway and any walkways leading up to the house
  • Focus on the landscaping
  • Mow the lawn and trim any hedges
  • Clean the outdoor furniture
  • Paint over any rust or replace old items
  • Put away hoses or sprinklers that stick out

Put away your personal items

As sad as it may be, the new buyer wants to envision your home as their new home! Any personal items such as family photos or children’s artwork should go in your storage for now. As much as you are proud of those memories and personal touches, it could throw the buyer off. Remember that you have to help them envision the home as theirs.

Make plans for your pets

If you are wondering how to take professional home photos, it is not with a pet! Make a plan for having your pet stay somewhere else for the day or a family member who can take them to the park. If you have a cat, dog, or even a bird, you will want to make alternative arrangements for them. This also includes putting away their water bowl or pet toys. As a courtesy, they should be off the premise completely.

Do your research

Hiring a real estate photographer is an important step to ensure your marketing is on point. Do your research to find someone professional and highly rated in your area. You want someone who is cooperative and experienced in their profession. Discuss with others in your neighborhood to find out if they have any recommendations. You can also team up with a realtor, such as Christina Linezo, who can give you some pointers or photographers she has networked with in the past. The bottom line is to have a good idea of who you are hiring before they come all the way to your home!

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